When I was 22 I was diagnosed with a form of IBS called Ulcerative Colitis. I struggle with recurring flares and symptoms like severe stomach cramping, nausea, and frequent urges to use the washroom. I turned to Susan during one of my flares, triggered by stress, as I had just moved out on my own and started a brand new job. She did distance Reiki with me and within a week or two I was feeling significantly better. Over the next couple weeks, my symptoms were relieved and I have been feeling quite a lot better since. So far I haven’t experienced another flare and I am so grateful to Susan for the help she gave me during a difficult time. I would recommend reaching out to her if you are looking for relief.  ~ Kat

I have been participating in these sessions on a regular basis and they have been helpful in dealing with my anxiety and stress. Not only that, but the readings after are spot on and the cards are always right on the mark. I highly recommend Susan’s Reiki in person as well as distance.   ~Bea

Healing with Reiki is extremely compassionate and intuitive. I have complete faith in her abilities as a healer. I have reached out to her when I needed help on urgent issues. I feel she went out of her way to send me healing and to help. I feel she’s a very genuine and caring individual and I trust her with Reiki. After the session with her, I can tell something has shifted. I feel more grounded and less anxious. Also I feel the insights she gets during the healing are totally spot on. I would highly recommend her to experience Reiki with.  ~ Sara

I had a tremendous experience with @healingwithreiki_. Thank you so much for giving me all that healing energies! After the session of healing last night on the full moon lunar eclipse, I felt at peace and relieved. I slept so much better. Much gratitude to you. ~ Mary